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From Zelda Wiki: " Navi Trackers is a game mode in the Japanese version of Four Swords Adventures. Originally planned as a standalone game, the name was originally titled Tetra Trackers. Up to 4 players are able to connect their Game Boy Advances to the Gamecube's controller ports and compete against each other. The object of the mini-game is to run through mazes, searching for members of Tetra's crew and collect stamps in a certain amount of time. The actual game takes place on the Game Boy Advance screen while a basic map and the narration of the action by Tetra appears on the television screen. Players are also able to play solo, to collect alone, or against a CPU Tingle."

The Tingle's Love Balloon Trip translation not quite done yet, but if you would be interested in translating this, let me know because this would take priority over CCTLBT as it's an actual zelda game instead of a spin-off. I'll provide more information on this when I get it the game, as it's relatively unknown.

Here's the instruction manual page if anyone wants to translate it.

Game Footage


Thanks to BlueBalloonFighter for recording a complete playthrough of the game so we can see the entire game!

Watch the videos starting from top to the bottom-

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Warning- it won't work on a non-Japanese gamecube without datel's FreeLoader