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This page has some screenshots of how far I am in the translation of Tingle's Love Balloon Trip.

EDIT- These screenshots are not going to be the final version. There will be proper english and no +'s or any other shortcuts in the final version

I actually have A LOT more translated but the grammar was horrible, and I haven't completely removed the japanese from the dialogue, so it was hardly readable.

(About the +'s and the >, I could only put as much english as their was japanese (I could only replace, not add), so I did a + instead of "and". The > has something to do with control codes or pointers, and for some reason it appeared randomly in the game (you can just ignore it). 

Edit- RareZelda Magazine Issue 1 will include all of the translations, including the ones above.

Merry Christmas! Here is a peek at the translation of Tingle's love balloon trip! (I had to annotate the video because the text hasn't yet been inserted).